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# Username GPS model Pros Cons Rating
1 Nokia Lumia 620 Practical size and easy to use. Touch screen is not working from time to time. Software jammed from time to time also.
2 sygic mobile maps 10 nokia e5 small phone long battey life
fast to pick up gps
pois sygic not easy to import
3 Nokia 925 Overall the Lumia 925 is a fantastic device; beautifully made, light and streamlined it definitely holds its own against the competition and is by far the gold standard in the Windows Phone range. You don't seem to be able to charge the phone whilst it is switched off. For me this is annoying as I charge my phone overnight, and, like many people, whilst sleeping, do not like to be disturbed.
4 Nokia So far, I think this is one of the best smartphone I have ever owned. Great camera and battery life. The biggest gripe is the lack of apps for the Windows 8 platform.
5 Nokia N900 Solid Open source platform Looks a little clunky
6 Nokia Maps Good, one device not a separate phone & sat nav Occasionally slow to start
7 Nokia (N97m) It has good sat reception. Work very well in major cities. Nokia Maps-The constant need to sync with server can be annoying (especially when out of coverage). Nokia maps are not updated with road changes in regional areas. Planning to trial other software.
8 Nokia N9 Accurate turn by turn navigation. No speed camera inbuilt to Maps software. Some delay in gaining GPS signal for navigation.
9 nokia express music 5800 very handy and very useful search system CPU speed is a bit too low
10 Nokia X6 Fully equiped phone. Excellent in all areas other than its slight weakness as detailed.
Prior to this upgrade I had a Nokia 6220c. A great phone with A1 nav. But the screen was minute. Hence the upgrade. Decided to stay with Nokia due to the free nav maps. Which Ive found to be absolutely excellent.
While an excellent smart-phone, the use of AGPS remains essential.
11 Nokia Navigator 6110 Portable; free maps; subscription-based directions system lowers upfront cost and adds flexibility. Poor user interface, limited feature set and naive direction-finding, extremely limited address search functionality. Very slow after importing landmarks, and no obvious way to group landmarks or otherwise identify them by type.
12 Nokia N95 All in one Phone, GPS and PIM Very bad GPS software
13 Nokia N95 8GB Nokia N95 8gb
Easily portable.
Poor GPS receiver, takes a while to find signal though fine when it has found a satellite
14 nokia 6110 Love it Time it takes to load navigator
15 Nokia 6110 NOKIA 6110 - Im no tech expert and have found it good but with many challenges  
16 Nokia N95 Easy to use, always in your pocket/hand, works great None that I can think of as I have had no troubles with it apart from low gps levels, which I fixed with a small modification.
17 Nokia Navigator I am quite happy with my
smart phone.
Slow when loaded with LMX files.
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