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# Username GPS model Pros Cons Rating
1 magellan 4010 Sturdy and great gps pick up Lacks map updates since 2005
2 ahmedalmulla4 Magellan Triton 1500 Waterproof, rugged, good screen Too difficult to add maps, not alot of software support 5
3 nelu.goia Magellan RoadMate 1440 Easy to use,good display,reliable. Poor map updates. 7
4 felicia.fuller Magellan Roadmate 1212 Text to speech. takes long time to locate satellites. Take a while to adjust when recalculating. 6
5 TedL2 Magellan 4700, 2200T Magellan 4700: Great multiroute, lane assist, predictive and free live traffic, pedestrian mode, car locator, large screen.

Magellan 2200T: Custom POIs, good battery life, plays music/pictures, can download hiking and marine maps.
Magellan 4700: No custom POIs, no music/pictures. Magellan 2200T: No mulitroute, lane assist, predictive or free live traffic, music only when not using navigation. 4
6 cguba Magellan 3000T Easy to use. Will occasionally lock up and freeze which requires reboot. Takes 5 - 10 mins to warm up and boot in cold weather. Does not like car vibration or sudden bumps, freezes. Sometimes takes as long as 5 mins to find satelites and indicate GPS position on a map. 2
7 transitdoctor TomTom 740, Garmin 1690 & Magellan 3100 740 Live - IQ Routes
Garmin 1690 - 2YR data plan included; MRC for data services is to be lower than TomTom Live services
740 Live does not announce on which side of street destination is; it shows it visvually via an arrow. 740 Live sometimes will reboot while in use. Slow to recalculate route. 4
8 doru Magellan Maestro 4040 *Straight forward to use for most of the options
*Touch screen 16:9 wide
*Seems very accurate - love also the different route options and the split screen
*Bargain price last year (brand new)
*The female voice has some off spellings. Sometimes they are funny though. *Well, its a legacy model now. 7
9 george4tx Magellan 4350 Easy to use out of the box.
Has AAA Tourbook.
Has a large POI database.
Fairly easy to add POI, especially with the services available here.
Voice is a bit weak for my tastes. Tone at turns is not selectable, like some earlier models. 7
10 swotai Magellan Maestro 3250 Quick response, loud voice can only select 1 poi file, recalc is a bit slow 5
11 robertclements Magellan 4050 Los Angeles resident.
Magellan 4050 and 6000T both with realtime traffic Kits. The 6000T is more full-featured software but slower hardware. I actually prefer its OS to the 4050. 4050 Has wider, brighter screen.
Magellan 4050T - four click operation to get at favorite addresses. No choice on navigation voice. Only shows one personal POI database at a time. 7
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