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# Username GPS model Pros Cons Rating
1 Garmin 1490 LMT Life time updates are nice Slow on booting up and could use more drive space
2 Garmin Nuvi 1490LMT life time maps and traffic as well as a nice size screen I wish it was voice control
3 Garmin Nuvi 1490, 50, 2597, 3595 Nuvi are versitile, easy to make maps for, solid GPS units As models develop it is frustrating that they loose functionality that you have used or developed in various bits of software
4 Garmin Nuvi 1490 Sensitive, bright display good in daylight adequate sound, came with free map updates, latest update improves Canadian speed info Touch screen not always sensitive, needs more option to control POI behavior, not enough favourites these could go on SD card, maps still need work they still think local cart tracks are paved roads.
5 Garmin 1490 LMT It works. Nothing special. It for personal and work. Use with Oiltrax program. Works better then my last Garmin which freezes periodically when travelling across provinces. Bluetooth not very clear for person on either end. Wish it had the base connector instead of the usb plug and the magnetic base like the 3597 which the wife now has. Screen sensitivity still isn't very good on the 1490.
6 Garmin Nuvi 1490 Large screen, generally intuitive interface Mute is not easily accessible, bluetooth will complain every time if it cant find a paired phone... why cant it just be silent?!
7 Garmin nuvi 1490 Usability and speed limit advise when correct Poor computing speed, slow to react, touch screen is junk.
8 Garmin Nuvi 1490LMT Brilliantly clear graphics
rapid satellite detection
very clear driving instruction (which of course it is exactly what it is for)
Lifetime free map updates has to be the number one reason for buying this
Menu system messy. Map viewing and zooming difficult and erratic. Used to use igo8, there is no comparison with the map handling . Doesn't have the same ease of search and view that igo8 had but maybe I am still learning, having used igo8 for 5 years and only just bought the Garmin.
9 Garmin Nuvi 1490T Very easy to use, large screen
Not all the GPS have the Itineraries options but the 1490T have it and you can create until 8 different itineraries.
If you haven't, buy the lifetime update so you can keep you GPS for a while
Very slow to find an alternative road when you miss an exit. You need to update the map occasionally to keep your device in touch
10 garmin nuvi 1490 Perfect size, 3-4 hours of battery A bit hard to click, dunno if speed is accurate
11 Garmin Nuvi 1490 LMT Big screen, multipoint routing, easy to use, lifetime map and traffic updates Occasional traffic update problems (not correctly identifying incidents in timely fashion)
12 Garmin Nuvi 1490T Screen Size, Fast,Features Some Street names are Regional Street Names here in Canada
13 Garmin nüvi 1490Tpro LMT fast found of GPS Satelite; good and fast map update; good service management No acoustic over-speed alarm; no USB interface; no mp3 support
14 Garmin 1490T Nice display and handy to be able to add custom POI files. Very handy - no particular problems though it is slow to find satellites and also the traffic updates sometimes come through too late. The other day there was an accident closing a road near my work for most of the morning from 6 am on bu this did not show up at all. Also the upload of contacts to the phone has only happened once in the last month since ownership and is now gone again.
15 garmin 1490 Good off road navigation
Good sized screen
Harder to use than some other brands. Dragging the map can be unstable.
16 Garmin nuvi 1490T 5 screen with easy to read information. Great window mount, very easy to use. Dont like the freeway interchange graphics as well as the Tom Tom I had, but otherwise superior.
17 Garmin Nuvi 1490T *Clear and bright display with light touch.
*Excellent announcement of turns including road name.
*Love the Where am I? function... a great feature in an emergency.
*Very easy to enter destination and any way points using multiple methods.

*Choice of keyboard layouts, QWERTY etc.
*Easy installation of Custom POIs using this GPS-Data-Team site.
*Announcement of Safety Cameras & School Zones if you install the sound files from this site (although the sound volume is too low for me).
It doesnt seem possible to enter unidirectional POIs. e.g. Cameras which only work in one direction such as the one on the F3 at Ourimbah, NSW, which only monitors the North-bound lane. It would also be nice if it only warned of school zones in the Kiss-and-Ride periods, morning and afternoon. My old Road Angel did. No over-speed warning.
18 Garmin Nuvi 1490 Garmin - good unit, very reliable and accurate. Couldnt live without it. Sometimes announces location is on wrong side of the street, but thats a minor inconvenience considering all the help it provides.
19 Garmin 1490LMT Life time map the main reason to buy this unit
Life time traffic (havent seen its advantage yet)
Big screen easy to see info
Satellite receiver fast receiving signal
Allow custom POI such as red light and speed cameras etc are useful
Voice volume is more than adequate
External micro SD
Mount is sturdy
Simulator can simulate any route
Text to speech is clear and street names are recognizable

Junction view and lane assistance are limited (tried Ottawa and Montreal area in Canada) No zip code entry No speed limit in Canada Limited to 10 pre-defnined routes
20 Garmin nuvi 1490T Big screen, clear display, gives enough warning of direction / lane changes.
Volume control is good. touchscreen excellent / responsive .
Strange pronunciation of some street names, up to 6 months behind in road changes - software problem. The direction change is not always clear - cut short.
21 Garmin nuvi 1490 Ability to update maps (compared to cars on-board GPS which requires the purchase of an expensive DVD. Would like the ability to view turn-by-turn listing of route. Thia may exist, but I havent found it yet.
22 Garmin nüvi 1490LMT Lifetime Maps
Whole of Europe
Build quality
Large 5 screen
Smooth screen update
Bright screen
Good voice/sound quality
Does not preserve favorites when updating software, requires manual backup. No carry case Connector not built into mount
23 garmin nuvi 1490T Garmin Nuvi 1490T
large, clear display. good range of tools and very quick to adjust to detours.
Using Garmins POI Loader software is a breeze: it would be nice if it also did conversion from other formats.
24 Garmin 1490T Excellent pic. quality. Good Mway advance info for lanes/junctions.
Excellent sat. reception even in tunnels - on clear days.
Cannot set to lorry (for when towing caravan). Often hangs and needs reboot. Very susceptible to bad weather. Rear entry for in car power cord make it a pain to find a good position in my car
25 Garmin Nuvi 1490T Nice screen, good mounting system,one connection to the car or computer poor route finding in my neighborhood,every manufacturer seems to have the same trouble I think it is something to do with the maps they use near to the airport for instance
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