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# Username GPS model Pros Cons Rating
1 Samsung Galaxy Note 2, rooted, PACMAN ROM, Copilot Live Premium Large screen, bright AMOLED, long lasting battery, good GPS receiver, sufficient performance, separate micro SD card, easy to root, Android v4.2.2 with HALO available. Flimsy, not waterproof, bad ergonomics with only one hardware button at the bottom of the screen - nothing serious or unusual for a phone.
2 gs3 copilot usa Ive had them all. Copilot for android I think is the best. Add low bridges truck stop poi files and it almost a truck gps Could use more features
3 CoPilot Live for Android HTC Desire (Bravo GSM version) with MIUI rom installed. Not a recent phone but powerful 1GHz processor and great developing community. Battery life is weak but sufficient. Non so good while you enable phone and wifi networks.
4 Copilot live 9 - clear indications
- options (live traffic, walker mode...)
Some minor bugs: - time to time crash - go in background - panic when not moving
5 CoPilot on Android phone No extra gadget to carry. Accurate, lot of customisations, intuitive display. Maps stored on SD card, no need for connection.
slow to get first fix, back from some menus quits menu instead of going back one level.
6 CoPilot HTC-HD2: Excellent screen
Co-pilot: cheap map download as was pre-installed on phone.
Quite easy to use
Not as easy to use. Not very good in city centre with lots of streets etc in small area
7 CoPilot Live Conveniently providing Turn-by-Turn Navigation on my Motorola BackFlip Android. Havent found one yet
8 CoPilot on ZincII (Mobile Phone) Runs Windows Mobile Operating System
Single device used for GPS and TrafficTV, also used as PDA and Phone - everything in one device

CoPilot 8 is one of the best GPS software systems I have used.
Only available from Expansys - no longer being made and unable to buy a replacement stylus.
9 CoPilot Easy to use Suburb database out of sync with the names displayed
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