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# Username GPS model Pros Cons Rating
1 iPhone 6 The phone is very slim and light weight with a high resolution screen. It still keeps a good charge, even after 2 years of use. MS Office 365 apps and many others work well and seamlessly integrate with my iPad and standard PC. Although I believe iPhones are the best on the market, their price is high, yet I can't seem to do without one. Also, I have had three screens break and the cost to replace is a $100.
2 ino_-GDT-GPS4 iPhone 6s My iPhone 6s installed a navigation iGO is functioning well and im using it since 2011 and im satisfied from this product There can be more often updates and of course maps of East Europe should work more accurately for instance with house numbers or at list with POI 9
3 SatNav44 iPhone 5 Standard GPS functionality in iPhone 5. Pretty good update rate for beeing a standard chip in a smart phone. The built-inGoogle maps app works pretty good with both street view, sattelite map and hybrid map showing satellite with road overlay. The GPS is kind of slow some time on startup, sometimes show a position way off the real position such as wrong country. Sometimes it will show a still position while I am moving. 6
4 alisar Tom Tom XXL IQ & iphone 6 Tom Tom - has been good on the whole Some aspects on screen could be improved. E.g. If you do a particular route, TT should learn this. Attachment to car window is not great.  
5 colin_earwaker Apple/Iphone Phone is obviously convenient to use as it is more than must a Satnav. Updates are easy to put on to phone. Can be used for a wide variety of things, even phonecalls! Not having a separate gps receiver means that sat nav reception is sometimes very poor. Especially in built up areas or in tunnels. The screen is also a little bit small and not having a dedicated mount means it can be a pain. 7
6 chrishiggins Garmin BMW Nav 5 / iPhone 6 Few quirks but generally happy Creating indepth routes, screen resolution could be better 7
7 tuny2010 Iphone 6 plus using Sygic Does the job.
Can lock landscape rotation.
Many Speed safety cameras missing 7
8 GDT-s iPhone 5s can download many different gps apps gps signal not always that great 4
9 dan.townsley iPhone 6 Plus Everything just works, no Malware, Viruses or bogus App developers to worry about. Make it waterproof/dustproof. 9
10 GDT-t Apple iPhone 5S Multiple applications onboard
Internet based maps
power terrible OEM map experience 4
11 dick.tiernego TomTom / iPhone 4S simply the best. never misses to get me to my destination. not much to configure for the geeks. just comes as is. 7
12 robertparker24 iPhone 5 Really like the turn by turn functionality. Intuitive to use. Small thing, but I don't like how easily the map rotates. I accidentally spin it often. 7
13 ameliahearn iPhone 5 You can have any kind of maps app you like. Google maps is available for it. The native maps app is not that great and it is the default for a lot of different apps. 7
14 wolfe141 iphone with Sygic Perfect for me as a truckdriver. Never let me down. Maybe could do with Auto complete for searching 9
15 alexcornforth iPhone 4s Great functionality. Would not really consider any other smartphone. Battery life not the longest. Robustness (however easily solved with a case). 9
16 eckrich iPhone 3GS good Apps for GPS usage are available including GPS Tracker and a lot of Navigation software.
GPS Averaging for optimizig Cache coordinates possible. And of course as smartphone a perfect combination of functionalities.
the price was relativ high for a GPS but as smartphone in the end ok. The GPS hardware in the iPhone 3GS seems to be having some trouble when not connected to the AT&T 3G. 7
17 adobbing Apple iPhone 6 Rock solid performance and integration with iPhone Not easy to customise POIs and alerts 9
18 adam_d_richardson Apple iPhone 3GS Easy to use touch screen Battery life can be poor. Maps don't load very quickly when scrolling or zooming 5
19 odindo iPad 3 Fast, good graphics (pictures/videos), better than my laptop.
The same weight and size as my old iPad 2.

The iPad 3 overheats from using if for GPS navigation and video. 5
20 roy.rathbun iPhone Portability, multifunction. Battery drains fast when location services are in use. 8
21 rds TomTom XXL + iPad with 3 gps apps TomTom maps are close to being up to date. Also like the PIOs availible Would like to install other programs in it, like Ozi Explorer with lake charts. 7
22 david.browning iPhone 3GS Very flexible package now with lots of apps taking advantage. Turn-by-turn is good. Topographical mapping is not so good. Short battery life. Small screen. 5
23 chemist1949 iPhone 3GS Great device for all purposes. Navigation software is as easy to read and use as any other. Updates can be a bit tricky. CoPilot does not make it easy to download. 6
24 jamieclough iPhone Fairly accurate; refresh rate pretty good Takes a while to load map initially 8
25 kskinner iPhone 3GS Nice to have an integrated device - don't have to carry around another piece of electronics Battery drains quickly using satnav apps 7
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