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# Username GPS model Pros Cons Rating
1 tomtom / samsung mostly use smart phone for Tom tom which works well when signal is not the best, location map constantly updating downsides, map downloads can often crash and completely break the current download version, not all postcodes show, i.e my postcode not showing.
2 sgtworld samsung sm-G903F the device is a good size not to big and not to small for my liking. the device has a reasonably good picture quality the device could do with being a little quicker, responding to touch and app open speeds are not at all the best 6
3 poppopsbasement Samsung Galaxy S5 SM G900V Now that Google maps has offline mode, does pretty much everything a dedicated GPS will do, (at least for me). Also use Delorme (now Garmin) Inreach SE sat com/tracker. Definitely like that option. Cell phone battery life can be an issue, but I carry backup power. 7
4 david.wynne1 Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Quick to lock on sats. Accuracy at high speed 7
5 tdhtechmobile Samsung Gt i9305t Does everything well and has 4g. Battery, New TECH always out fast 6
6 herron73 Tomtom Android Don't need to carry around standalone GPS device

Good TTS speech
Lack of verbal speed camera warnings 4
7 osxonamac Android Note 3 Makes the iPhone look like a kids toy People moan I am carrying a brick around. 9
8 ipap-GPS Garmin2595-TomtomAndroid This 3rd Garmin GPs, Had StreetPilot 530, Nuvi680 . Very fast startup (warm/cold). Very accurate navigation, Voice Commands are great feature that is a necessity with demnrit points tickets these days. Sound is loud and automatically bumps up with noise. Easy mount, Mini-USB connector. SD card slot. If purchased from Costco, comes with dashboard base. Bluetooth profile is for phones only, could not pair with Car audio system. Smartlink SW Android must turn the GPS sensor on my cellphone which drains the battery and defeat the purpose of standalone GPS. I could have stick with my Tomtom Android on the phone. traffic cable is extra. Does not play MPS, does not have audio jack, if speaker dies, good luck. 7
9 nightmare3353 garmin on samsung i9100 the galaxy s2 is more than two years old but still it is good . the camera is pretty good under the light . camera is not good in the dark or low light conditions . battery is draining fast . 6
10 Carsten.Theile Samsung Galaxy S2 Good display, powerfull processor, handy dimensions, slim design, good camera, not to heavy, no problems after 2 years in use a lot of preinstalled apps, which could not be removed, build quality 8
11 simonleyo Samsung Galaxy Nexus Good App for gps i like 3d bulding.
Gps fix is very good inside and outside.
Battery life is not long. 6
12 tboneandporcini Samsung Galaxy Note 2, rooted, PACMAN ROM, Copilot Live Premium Large screen, bright AMOLED, long lasting battery, good GPS receiver, sufficient performance, separate micro SD card, easy to root, Android v4.2.2 with HALO available. Flimsy, not waterproof, bad ergonomics with only one hardware button at the bottom of the screen - nothing serious or unusual for a phone. 7
13 tech4 Samsung Galaxy S3 - fast gps connection
- fast internet connection
- big screen
- large battery
- Android 4.1.2
- Google Maps
- Good support
- good services
I don't know any weakness of my smartphone. I think that this was a good choice and if i will buy new smartphone than i will choose the newest Samsung smartphone. 9
14 john.gray60 Sygic / Samsung Galaxy III Lots of features for the price compared to others at that price. Very Satisfied. Very good support. Not much I can say is weak. 8
15 curt TomTom 730/Android/Mitsubihi I like the TomTom a lot (had an older Garmin that just died); Very easy to use and getting maps is easy and not a lot of $$$ (unlike Garmin!)
The GPS in my Mitsubishi Outlander is built in - thats the best thing I can say about it.
The software for the Mitsubisihi GPS is crap. When you enter a street/town name as a destination, it lists your filtered opticians alphabetically in stead of proximity; The response time is a bit slow; It uses old maps which suck and are inaccurate. As for POIs - I typed in McDonalds once to fine one nearby - it only listed 3 in all Victoria! 5
16 gyorgy.lajtai Samsung Galaxy Tab Given the large screen size, it is good to use for navigation applications. The overall performance is good, and given the flexibility of android system, a lot applications can be chosen. Size is also the problem that it is not convenient to use by only one hand. And the system is not stable enough, sometimes the application will end unexpected. 7
17 leonkes Android smartphone - Sam Captivate Pretty good once its started long time to start the GPS 6
18 ohlsson.fredrik Samsung Galaxy S Smartphone, available everywhere Difficult when driving 8
19 cselti Android phone Nothing special required, my phone is always with me. It use the battery - charging is needed, and the phone became warm. 9
20 morne.nell NDRIVE - Android x 2 Great interface, easy to operate - great product.
Highly recommended for Android phones & Tablets
GPS Acquisition takes a little longer than I like. 7
21 dcandiotti CoPilot Live for Android HTC Desire (Bravo GSM version) with MIUI rom installed. Not a recent phone but powerful 1GHz processor and great developing community. Battery life is weak but sufficient. Non so good while you enable phone and wifi networks. 7
22 bravo-GDT Locus on Android Full featured mapping application No satellite view. This is a mapping application, not turn-by-turn GPS  
23 alizarinc CoPilot on Android phone No extra gadget to carry. Accurate, lot of customisations, intuitive display. Maps stored on SD card, no need for connection.
slow to get first fix, back from some menus quits menu instead of going back one level. 7
24 web3 Android Brilliant Navigation with Navigon and/or Google. Problem using google abroad is the cost for data! 6
25 grobbo61 Samsung Omnia with internal GPS Works with Samsung Omnia :) Only allows 1 file for main map and 1 filename for supplementary maps eg does not cope with directory structure on SD card 4
26 jlauzon123 Android HD2 Route planning and travel
HTC Hd 2 with Android 2.3
All tools in 1 unit. Using Copilot 8, the only thing missing is the Speedtrap alert. 7
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