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GPS POI database is a perfect addition for your GPS navigation device. It will increase your safety even if you do not have GPS vehicle tracking system. You can use it with your existing vehicle gps navigation system, or in addition to a GPS fleet management system. You will have the best driving experience with Destinator PN software, iCN 520 or Garmin Nuvi, but can be used with Garmin hand held devices, TomTom software or Magellan GPS receivers.

The safety camera database can be purchased in our online GPS data store. It can be used with anyautomotive or motorcycle navigation GPS system, handheld or portable GPS receiver, mobile phone, laptop, palm, PDA or PC computer. You need to have GPS receiver, GPS antenna, software and GPS maps which are usually provided as a fully functional GPS automotive or portable navigation GPS system. You do not need any additional cables, auto antenna or mount to use our database. Your existing GPS navigation system will be fully functional after database installation.You can use it even with 'old' maps, devices and software despite that features will not be the same as with current GPS devices.

Our database can not be used with marine GPS systems, GPS watches or mobile phones without blue tooth receivers, GPS maps and software.

Our safety camera database will alert you when approaching bus, speed and red camera locations, Safe-T-cameras and monitoring locations. This information is useful to any driver despite her or his driving habits.
Here you can seeand download CSVdata that we use to create database which can be used on many popular GPS devices. Full range of free POI files (points of interest) is available in our POI zone.
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